This tool is free and Open Source by purpose. This is my "Thank You" to the ACCESS community that helped me a lot solving all kinds of problems.

I do not have a financial interest in this tool but I am interested in making this a stable and widely useful tool. You can contribute in many ways. First by simply using it. I know that there are more ways to use Access than I can think of.

If you find a bug, please report it. If you encounter a bug only with one DB, please consider to include the MDB that caused the problem. That would greatly simplify the error analysis (no data required, the structure is good enough). I herewith promise to use it only for analyzing the bug, nothing else. There is "Debug Mode" option to disable error handling. So if you are a bold bug hunter, trace 'em down.

To some extent it's up to you how helpful this tool is and how well it behaves ...