Other Access Tools and Add-Ins

Here some more free goodies I can recommend.

Crystal's Database Analyzer

The Database Analyzer is a powerful tool and nicely complements mine as it focuses on table details and data. Crystal is an Access MVP and has also a bunch of nice stuff for Access starters on her page.

Database Issue Checker

Allen Browne offers the Database Issue Checker focussing on DB structure issues like primary and foreign key consistency, referential integrity, problematic names and settings and the like. Make sure to check Allen's page with Access tips and tools. You won't regret it.


The V-Toolsare in fact a collection of add-ins by Skrol29. I use the editor for import/export specifications, the search&replace and the SQL Editor a lot. This tool is not only freeware but also available as open source.


The MZ-Tools is a very nice VBE extension, that helps a lot to code faster and keep the code clean (e.g. finds unused variables, add/remove line numbers and numerous other features).

TM VBA-Inspector

The TM VBA-Inspector helps you to clean up your (or somebody else's) code. Finds numerous "bad coding styles". Highly configurable.

Commercial Products

If you need a decent tool with support and price is not an issue, you might want to try one of these.

Total Access Analyzer

I heard good things about this tool, but beware, it's pricey.

Find and Replace for Access

Rick Fisher's Find and Replace tool has also a Cross-Reference report. There are numerous devoted users of this tool set out there, so you might want to try it anyway.


If you have a problem, you cannot fix youself, don't panic. There are guys and gals out there, ready to help. Of course you should search the archives first.

Utter Access

My preferred forum. Very nice and helpful community. You might find me hanging out there from time to time.

Access World Forum

Another large forum. Different style than Utter Access. Definetly worth trying.


If you are into regular expressions, this is the place for questions (and answers). Helped me a lot on VBA parsing.