Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Is there a version of this tool for Access 97

A: No. There are too many features of Access 2000 used so there won't be a version for Access 97. If you have access to A2K or higher you can upgrade a copy of your DB and analyse that as a workaround.

Q: Is there a version for ADP  (Access Projekt) databases?

A: No. T-SQL as used in SQL Server is too different from JET-SQL as used in Access. That would be a different tool. I have no plans to create one.

Installation Problems

Q: Access tells me that I do not have sufficient permissions to install the add-in. What can I do?

A: Start Access as Administrator (right-click access.exe to get the context menu entry) then try again to install the add-in.

Analysis Problems

Q: I have a query that uses the system table MSysObjects. The analysis shows this table as missing.

A: By design system tables are ignored during the analysis. Only user tables are listed. Therefore the system table shows up as missing. There is no easy fix for this. It is on the roadmap now.