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If you can reproduce a bug only with a particular database, please consider to enclose the DB (only structure, no data) to simplify bug hunting. Here a procedure for that purpose.

1. Make a copy
2. Delete the data in your copy (!) by hand or paste this code into a module and run it

Sub DeleteAllData()
Dim td As TableDef  'needs a reference to the DAO library
Dim rel As Relation

'--- first delete all relationships to avoid error when
'--- deleting data in the wrong order
For Each rel In CurrentDb.Relations
CurrentDb.Relations.Delete rel.Name
Next rel

'--- now delete the data in tables
For Each td In CurrentDb.TableDefs
'--- only for local, non-system tables
If td.Connect = "" And (td.Attributes And dbSystemObject) = 0 Then
CurrentDb.Execute "DELETE * FROM [" & td.Name & "]", dbFailOnError
End If
Next td
End Sub

3. Compact and repair the DB
4. Zip the DB

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